January 9, 2011

thank you Allah

Thank you Allah for giving a best friend, a guardian, a zauj to me

Thank you Allah for giving a new son to mama, a new brother to my siblings, an uncle to my nephews and nieces

Thank you Allah for giving me ayah, ibu and 5 brothers

there is no word i can use to describe how grateful i am to be a zaujah to my zauj.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah

January 8, 2011

neither single nor avalaible


Nadia Fasya is happily married to Mohd Hafiz

18 December 2010

December 3, 2010


boleh tak takut nak buka blog sendiri, sebab tiap kali buka blog... wedding countdown tu makin hampir...

November 18, 2010


i can't write when my emotion is not stable. that's one of the reasons i've abandoned this blog for quite some time

Assalamu'alaikum saudara-saudara, kawan-kawan dan orang-orang asing.

have you ever experienced a situation when you suddenly had so much idea lingering in your mind but you didn't have enough time to digest one idea and suddenly the next idea popped into that tiny space, activating all your brain cells?

i have! and i'm having it right now! i don't know where to start. should i start with my study? wedding preparation? medan? my best friend's wedding? raya haji? cousin's wedding? snowy and her multivitamins? oh my.... i've told you! i'm having flight of ideas right now

double strike the study... i'm done with med school! after 5+1 years of tears and joy, i'm finally a doctor. all praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah. to be honest, i'm still not used with the Dr. in front of my name. it's weird and scary too! am i ready to serve people outside there? i don't have answer for that question. but i keep praying (and i hope you can pray for me as well) that i can be a good, safe and competent doctor.

the other good news is that, nunud is finally married to her mr sunshine! tetiba rasa nak nyanyi lagu Baraka Allahu Lakuma by maher zain.. hehe.. anyway, to nunud and her husband... selamat pengantin baru. semoga berbahagia infinitely. dikurniakan anak yang sangat ramai. and no more dramas please....... next: sabie's

so, for MY wedding... i have like 30 days more.. ehh chup, 30 days left?? biaq betoi...

gee.. the adrenaline suddenly stop rushing when i'm thinking about the big day...




well, i'm sorry i have to stop here. tetiba cuak dan tak mampu untuk menaip lagi. will be back with other entries, probably an entry about my wedding preparation. we'll see about that, can't promise.

till then, wassalam

November 17, 2010


adakah kamu baca blog ini?





ok. tak perlu baca.


October 16, 2010



All praise to Him

O Allah, please help me to become a good, safe and competent doctor...

p.s: it's weird to have the Dr. in front of my name =)

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